MaddCog Will Keep Track Of Your Mental Gaming Performance

Good mental performance will increase your winning rates, but how do you know if you’re mentally ready to start gaming? With MaddCog, you can check your mental capabilities and decide whether you can play or need a break. MaddCog is a sensor headband created by gaming enthusiasts with sports science, consumer technology, and engineering backgrounds. The team designed the headband to monitor real-time performance through PPG and EEG.

The MaddCog works when the user puts on the headband which automatically connects to the app, which will be available on mobile devices and Windows OS. The mobile app is best for reviewing progress and console gaming, while the Windows app is for immediate post-game reporting and game overlays. MaddCog also lets users receive live results and after-game recommendations.

Players can also check real-time mental performance during the game and see their flow and fatigue levels, too. The measurement of fatigue will show how exhausted one is. The higher the fatigue level is, the more likely it will negatively impact one’s gaming performance. The results also help players understand how many games they can play before they start losing due to exhaustion. The flow refers to how focused a user is in the game. If they have a high flow, then they’re more likely focused on the game, which often leads to a better chance of winning.

MaddCog also has an after-game recommendation. Based on the metrics and results of a player’s mental performance, MaddCog will recommend whether they should keep playing or take a break. It can also analyze the time of the day a player is at their best. When you understand your mental performance, you can strategize when to play.

(All information was provided by TechAcute)

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