New Gaming Lounge In Des Moines, Iowa Set To Open Soon

The Ricochet game lounge and bar is getting its finishing touches put on as it nears opening day, set for January 10th. Customers can pay by the hour to play a host of different games while enjoying full bar service.

“We have seven ping pong tables, we have four foosball tables, two billiards tables, several darts, we have skeeball,” said Brad Argo the Co-Owner of Ricochet. “We hope this is a place people can get together with friends and really experience fun times over games.”

It wasn’t an easy path to opening the new location due to a combination of the pandemic, supply-chain issues, and the usual complications that come with opening up any new business, but two years later, Ricochet is finally ready to open its doors. Argo hopes that Ricochet will provide Iowans with a different experience for Des Moines entertainment, and with any luck, this new lounge will be there for a long time.

Anyone reading this in Des Moines can find the Ricochet at the corner of 4th and Walnut.

(All information was provided by KCCI 8)

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