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You Can No Longer Play Video Games In Teslas While The Vehicle Is Moving

Tesla recently announced it would no longer allow video games to be played on the touch screens of its cars while the vehicles are in motion. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the business launched a software update so the Passenger Play function would be locked while Tesla cars are moving.

This announcement came shortly after the NHTSA said it would open an investigation into distracted driving concerns that stem from video games being played in moving Tesla cars. The first updates to the vehicles were released on December 22nd while all remaining updates went out the following day on December 23rd.

Despite this new software, the agency still plans on continuing with its investigation into Tesla. At this time, it is unclear if the NHTSA would require Tesla to perform a formal recall of vehicles with the update.

On December 22nd, American auto regulators launched a formal probe into the company’s vehicles. 580,000 cars were investigated as a result of this move after a Tesla owner from Oregon complained that he could play video games on his touch screen while the car was in motion.

The Profit‘s Take:

I guess this is the death of a Tesla as a gaming console. I am not the biggest fan of regulating gaming in your car. I already see a lot of people looking at their phones while they are actively driving, which is basically as dangerous. At least when you’re in a Tesla, the screen is bigger, and the car can drive itself! I’m just kidding, of course. I still believe these infotainment touch screen games were created so that you could get out of the house and play video games without your family distracting you.

(All information was provided by NPR and Reuters)

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