MetaFootball Game Launches

The team at MetaFootball announced the introduction of its project to the crypto and gaming communities: MetaFootball, a play-to-earn NFT game for all football lovers who want to earn NFT and token reflections while managing their own football team. Players own the in-game cards and can also trade them on NFT marketplaces. The game combines the power of decentralized finance (DeFi), NFTs, and play-to-earn to reward players for their efforts. It is one of the most sophisticated football management games at present. MetaFootball is typically for those who desire to generate NFTs and in-game assets while enjoying their own football club management.

MetaFootball has a governance token with the symbol $MFT. Users can utilize this token to interact with the MetaFootball metaverse. Users can purchase goods and services using the token, and can also use the token to pay for transaction fees. At the end of each game week, football player cards and $MTF are distributed as prizes to participants. Users can use these rewards to form a stronger team and squad to enable them to compete better.

$MTF tokens and NFTs are combined to create digital collectibles, play-to-earn prizes, and DeFi rewards. Gamers can earn these rewards by participating in quests and tournaments. Users can also contribute to the pool by staking their $MTF tokens to generate revenue. However, the $MTF tokens must remain staked until the end of the round for one to be eligible for these rewards.

MetaFootball lets you play as a manager of a multiplayer football game, where you can choose from a wide range of playing styles. Additionally, you can serve as an agent, club owner, stock trader, speculator, or a combination of these against other players. MetaFootball provides you with asset ownership, realism, and ultimate control of the metaverse. Players can also write their own football stories and dictate the direction of their gaming ecosystem. The game also lets you bet on the games. Correctly forecasting a football match on MetaFootball gives users access to rewards and NFT airdrops.

The project collects 6% of every transaction and channels the proceeds to the incentive wallet to keep the community entertained. Additionally, 3% of every transaction goes to the locked liquidity pool MTF/BNB in PancakeSwap.

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