Serbia To Become First Country To Open A Gaming Village

Expo 2020 in Dubai featured Arena Esport and Relog Media, the largest esports production company in the Balkans, partnering together to present their project of opening the first gaming village in Serbia (and the world), which, among other things, will be used to host some of the world’s largest esports tournaments. The gaming village will include a 10,000 seat gaming arena, commercial premises, an esports and gaming facility, an administrative building, a five-star hotel with 300 luxurious rooms, numerous cafes and restaurants, and a wellness center with an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

In addition to esports, the gaming village will have significant capacity for other sporting competitions, as it will include several indoor facilities with 2,000 seats, basketball, volleyball, and handball courts, martial arts, and outdoor venues, tennis courts, paddle courts, and walking trails.

“The gaming industry is the second largest industry in the world, right after the arms industry, and global gaming industry earns more than the film and music industries combined,” said Milutin Pećić, Founder and CEO of Relog Media.

The gaming village will be very eco-friendly, both during and after construction. The entire project complies with the highest environmental standards of sustainable construction. Builders will use natural materials such as wood and the facility will feature recycled IT equipment, solar panels, and roof gardens, while only electric cars will be allowed entrance to this closed complex.

(All information was provided by Serbian Monitor)

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