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Nintendo Dominates Amazon’s 2021 Best Seller List

Amazon recently released its “Best Sellers” list for 2021. For the most part, Nintendo dominated the list. Of the top 30 items on the list, 16 of them were Nintendo products.

Overall, the best-selling Nintendo item of 2021 was a $10 Nintendo eShop Gift Card. This item was the third most-purchased video game product of 2021 on Amazon. Also making the list was a Nintendo Switch Pro controller, a SanDisk Nintendo SD card, and even the Nintendo Switch.

Games were also popular last year. The most purchased Nintendo Switch game was Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury. After coming in 11th place, it was the best-selling video game of 2021 on Amazon. Other titles that made the list included Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Just Dance 2022, and Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, to name a few.

The Profit‘s Take:

Other than gift cards, Nintendo clearly dominated Amazon’s games category. Maybe people just buy more physical copies of Nintendo games because of the nature of the console’s demographics? I’m just interested in why gift cards were so popular. Moreover, Amazon sold out of gift cards. How do you even do that? It’s a piece of paper with a serial number, fundamentally. It should not sell out.

(All information was provided by Amazon and Nintendo Life)

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