Rivalry Corp Bought In Over $7M In Revenue Last Year

Rivalry Corp recently sent out a letter to shareholders highlighting some of the successes the company had last year. Most notably, it was revealed that the organization brought in almost $7.02 million in revenue in 2021, representing a 600% increase year-over-year.

“We grew up interfaced with the internet, and view gaming as the sport of the internet,” said Rivalry’s CEO, Steven Salz, in the shareholder letter. “I’m confident Rivalry as a company, and a collection of talented individuals understands better than any of our peers how to navigate and participate in this culture. The growth and market leadership advantages we have created are a product of our disciplined execution on hundreds of large and small details that we deliver as a simple and cohesive user experience. This is how we are building brand equity with long-term sustainable value.”

Rivalry’s betting arm also grew to $52.13 million through October of 2021. Additionally, the sportsbook reported 600,000 registered users, which is way up from the 350,000 users the company reported having in 2020.

Rivalry outlined the company’s strategic focus for 2022. The organization is aiming to expand its sports betting products to new areas while investing more in content and media. Furthermore, the business aims to continue to develop original casino games similar to its hit title that was released earlier this year, Rushlane.

(All information was provided by Esports Insider)

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