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Mythical Games Acquires Polystream

Mythical Games recently announced it had acquired Polystream for an undisclosed amount of money. This acquisition will aid in the real-time 3D streaming of metaverse-related gaming content.

“Not everybody’s willing to download 100 gigabytes to play Warzone on a high-end gaming PC rig,” said John Linden, the CEO of Mythical Games. “A lot of people want to be part of these immersive 3D worlds and be able to jump in quickly and interact and socialize and then leave. We were able to run Blankos on their tech and suddenly — now what happens is you can run it in the cloud. But you only have a five-megabyte client now. So it’s a very thin client.”

Polystream uses its interactive platform to transform the way real-time 3D content is streamed at scale. Through this “extended reality” technology, as it is called by Polystream, the company is able to make more content accessible to players across numerous platforms and devices.

Mythical Games was founded in 2018. Its most famous product is Blankos Block Party, an open-world multiplayer game that has registered over a million created player accounts since it was launched in December of 2020.

(All information was provided by Google and VentureBeat)

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