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GAIMIN Reveals Plans To Add NFTs And Play-To-Earn To Minecraft

Swiss firm GAIMAN revealed plans to introduce a “metaverse environment” featuring NFTs and play-to-earn mechanics to Minecraft. The release will feature what GAIMAN is referring to as “play-to-earn 2.0,” with players “not even needing to be playing to earn assets.” The major concern here is incorporating the metaverse and NFTs into what is essentially a game for children. GAIMIN has yet to address these issues publicly.

Minecraft is our first target for blockchain and gaming technology,” said Joseph Turney, Chief Gaming Officer at GAIMIN. “We have developed our own metaverse environment for Minecraft entirely based on blockchain and NFT technology. Minecraft players can access our Minecraft environment through the GAIMIN platform, play Minecraft, and passively generate GMRX rewards for in-game use.”

This Minecraft-focused venture would effectively introduce play-to-earn mechanics to the ten-year-old game. When players seek to get involved with GAIMIN’s project, they’ll install a sophisticated plug-in that “provides a dedicated metaverse” for Minecraft. This will effectively permit players to use NFTs and “blockchain-based components” within Minecraft, a game that they already enjoy.

Reportedly launching in February, the GAIMIN Minecraft project will give players the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency while playing the game. As soon as the GAIMIN token is listed, “GMRX” will acquire intrinsic value, and players will be able to use it to trade NFTs and other cryptocurrencies.

(All information was provided by Esports)

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