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Nubia Teases New Gaming Equipment For 2022

ZTE subsidiary, Nubia, teased some exciting new equipment on Weibo this month that it plans to release in 2022, including its own VR headset, which will be connected to a Red Magic metaverse, a router, and a gaming monitor. Nubia also shared photos of the Red Magic 7 phone, its next gaming flagship, which it plans to release in February.

The Red Magic 7 will look similar to its predecessor and will have shoulder sensor triggers. Naturally, it will be powered by a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. We expect it to have a 165Hz-capable display as well.

In the release, Nubia declared its intention to “give full play to our core technical advantages to build a soft-hard collaborative VR ecosystem, deploy VR ecological products, create a Red Devils Metaverse, and become a professional gaming equipment brand.”

So it looks like Nubia has more than just real-world products on its mind. It should be interesting to see how the company chooses to develop its metaverse, especially with all this new equipment at their disposal.

(All information was provided by GSMArena)

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