BetU Partners With To Launch Risk-Free Esports Betting

Play-to-earn game and platform BetU has partnered with, who will aid them in establishing a strong foothold in the esports base. BetU will rely on Oddin’s expertise and “robust and reliable uptime” as they look to ensure seamless operation of their esports betting product, which they believe is achievable through the Oddin platform.

“There are myriad esports fans who want to enjoy that additional layer of engagement through betting, yet it is completely new to them,” said Marek Suchar, Managing Director of According to Suchar, the BetU model is one of the best on the market, allowing fans to enjoy their favorite games, place their predictions, and win. BetU takes this a step further and provides players with the opportunity to bet without “the risk of loss,” effectively proving a “solution to problem gambling,” two bold claims in the context of modern gambling regulation. has been making headlines recently. The company teamed up with Altenar to offer the platform’s customers an improved in-play esports betting experience and Oddin expanded further by integrating its iFrame esports solution with Novusbet.

(All information was provided by Gambling News)

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