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ESE Entertainment Signs Agreement With Skinwallet To Enter The Metaverse With New Ventures

ESE Entertainment Inc. has signed a framework agreement with tech company Skinwallet S.A. to develop technological and marketing solutions connected to Skinwallet’s gaming, esports, blockchain, NFT, and related services and events. As a part of the cooperation, ESE will offer its clients brand awareness campaigns in the metaverse. Additionally, it will create and organize customized virtual sports competitions and market stalls for lifestyle and FMCG brands in order to grow Skinwallet’s innovative products and services.

“The growth opportunities in the metaverse and Web3 are unprecedented,” said Konrad Wasiela, CEO at ESE Entertainment Inc. “We are thrilled to partner with a proven operator in this sector and to scale alongside one another. ESE is perfectly positioned to assist Skinwallet in their global expansion in the metaverse.”

The partnership with Skinwallet will allow ESE to participate – by providing technological, marketing, user engagement, and similar services – in the bourgeoning space of creating and trading digital assets in popular video games. As a part of this partnership, ESE will not be creating or selling any NFTs or other digital assets themselves.

Skinwallet is a technology company that focuses on blockchain, NFT, and metaverse solutions. One of Skinwallet’s flagship projects is Cyber Warriors Army, a collection of 8000 unique PFP (profile picture) NFT tokens illustrating Cyber Warriors – masters of esports battles in the CyberVersum ecosystem, an esports-focused metaverse developed by Skinwallet. Skinwallet aims to make CyberVersum a place for engagement among different esports brands on a Web3 platform, and the creation of new NFT collections.

(All information was provided by The Financial Post)

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