Talon Esports Partnering With Logitech G

Talon Esports recently announced a partnership with the Thai division of Logitech G. As a part of this deal, Talon’s Arena of Valor team will be given Logitech G equipment for content creation, streaming, and competitions. Additionally, Logitech G’s branding will now be featured on Talon Esports’ jerseys.

“We’re delighted to welcome Logitech G to the Talon family in Thailand,” said Sean Zhang, Talon Esports’s CEO. “To have a globally leading brand like Logitech G place their confidence in us is a great testament to the amazing successes we’ve had on our journey so far, including winning the AOV World Cup and our second ROV Pro League title.”

Talon Esports is a Hong Kong, China-based gaming organization that was founded by Zhang and Jazz “evilslug” Tham in 2017. The company has teams competing in a variety of titles including Tekken 7, Arena of Valor, League of Legends, and more.

(All information was provided by Esports Insider and Talon Esports)

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