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TeraBlock Announces Collaboration With SplinterLands

TeraBlock and Splinterlands are joining forces to usher in the future of DeFi gaming and users will benefit from simplified token bridging across multiple blockchains on the Splinterlands gaming platform through the collaboration. Players of the popular game can transfer their tokens across various blockchains through the TeraBlock Bridge. The Bridge is integrated into the gaming platform and allows for easier and quicker token swapping between multiple networks. Cross-chain solutions are essential in DeFi and gaming, and Splinterlands aims to push the boundaries of what can be achieved. 

Splinterlands is one of the top blockchain gaming providers with over 400,000 active users and thousands of new players joining every day. Additionally, the game has up to 4 million transactions per day, making it the most active gaming hub in the blockchain space today. These high transactions volumes warrant exploring a different token routing solution that seamlessly bridges tokens between different networks.

Through this partnership, Splinterlands and TeraBlock are laying the foundation for simplifying DeFi transfers in the blockchain gaming world. As a result, the Splinterlands team can build a more unified gaming platform while helping TeraBlock solidify its position in the DeFi segment by creating broader use cases. 

A portion of the fees collected from transactions on the TeraBlock bridge will be used to buy back $TBC tokens from the secondary market. Increasing the token’s buying pressure increases demand for $TBC and adds stability to the TeraBlock ecosystem. It is important to note that portion of the fees collected from the TeraBlock Bridge Protocol will be distributed among TeraBlock Stakers as part of the reward mechanism on the upcoming TeraBlock Native Staking Protocol.

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