Hearthstone Added To PlayVS High School Esports Catalog

PlayVS announced an exclusive partnership with Activision-Blizzard that will see Hearthstone added to the organization’s starting lineup of games beginning this Spring. Activision-Blizzard is the fifth company to partner with PlayVS alongside Riot Games, Nintendo, EA, and Psyonix.

“We continue to grow season over season in terms of the number of schools that sort of actively participate,” said Delane Parnell, CEO of PlayVS. “One of the most fascinating metrics to me is how many kids on average participate in esports in each school.”

PlayVS has been operating Overwatch events for the last three years. With the addition of Hearthstone, the PlayVS offering now includes eight different games.

PlayVS was founded in 2018. The company has quickly emerged as one of the premier high school esports organizations in the United States.

(All information was provided by LinkedIn and VentureBeat)

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