Nintendo Has Sold Over 5.3B Games Since 1983

Since Nintendo launched the NES in 1983, the company has sold over 5.3 billion video games that have generated over $200 billion in revenues for the organization. Additionally, since the NES’s debut, Nintendo has shipped out over 814 million video game consoles/devices worldwide.

Nintendo’s handheld devices have actually been more successful than its stationary consoles. The company has sold over 553.7 million handheld gaming devices while shipping out over 384.4 million stationary video game consoles. In the middle is the Nintendo Switch, which has sold roughly 103.54 million units since its launch in 2017.

Despite the success of the Switch, it’s not Nintendo’s best-selling device all-time. That title is held by the Nintendo DS, which has sold over 154 million units since its release. Coming in second place was the Game Boy with over 118 million units sold. The Nintendo Switch is the third most popular device in company history.

(All information was provided by Nintendo, TweakTown, and Wikipedia)

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