Riot Games Strike New Streaming Partnership With VeraEsports For VCT APAC

VeraEsports, the video live streaming platform that is popular for esports, has agreed to a deal with Riot Games to become the content platform and esports partner for the 2022 VALORANT Champions Tour Asia-Pacific Challengers (APAC). As part of the new deal, VeraEsports revealed on Twitter that they would be responsible for “VCT SEA Challengers registration, broadcast live streams, and exclusive video,” all of which will be located on the VeraEsports website. The company will also have access to a library of VALORANT APAC Champions Tour content as they seek to develop the viewership and popularity of the tour amongst the followers of VALORANT, a title that is starting to take off in the esports betting industry. The new deal with VeraEsport will also mean that content for the VALORANT APAC Champions Tour will be made available for viewers in Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

“We are proud to renew and enhance our partnership with Riot Games and the VCT,” said RJ Mark, Founder of VeraEsports. “Enabling new and breakthrough community experiences is our goal and this year we can bring even more value through an exclusive VCT content hub on VeraEsports. We have only just scratched the surface on what we can achieve together with Riot Games and we are excited to bring more value in the future.”

Part of the new service from VeraEsports will see fans be able to access the company’s “Watch and Earn” service. This allows fans to earn points when viewing the tournament which can be traded for rewards on site.

With this particular part of the APAC region (one that many companies are seeking to expand into), the deal for Riot Games and VALORANT is an important one.

Moreover, the partnership will also allow VeraEsports to test its Proof of View anti-fraud advertising viewership tool during the tournament. This beta test will enable the VeraEsports parent company, Verasity, which developed the technology, to see how it works in a gaming environment.

The companies have also said they wish to develop a number of other initiatives and opportunities through shared strategies throughout 2022. However, these plans remain vague at the present moment.

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