Esports Technologies Inc Reaffirms 2022 Revenue Projections

Esports Technologies Inc. has said that the company has taken “significant strides” towards its vision as the business reaffirms its revenue projections for the remainder of the 2022 fiscal year. This comes after the organization released its financial results for the recent quarter that ended on December 31st, 2021.

Esports Technologies reported revenues of $7.1 million in revenues and $2.5 million in gross profits for the most recent quarter. Additionally, the company said it still expects to generate $70 million in revenue for the remainder of FY22.

Esports Technologies has worked tirelessly to expand into additional markets as the company aims to hit its revenue and gross profit goals. This includes expansion efforts into new markets like Asia, Latin America, and Europe.

“Our future esports products will have an audience of over 200 million people in the European markets,” said Aaron Speach, the CEO of Esports Technologies.  “Our acquisition integration is going better than anticipated. The performance of the assets are on target and our key acquisition integration goals are going extremely well. We have consolidated all of our products onto a single platform. This will allow us to be efficient as we launch Gogawi into Asia, Latin America, and CIS countries. This quarter, we have made a big step towards our vision to be the leader in esports wagering. The boost in revenue from our newly acquired brands is a great indication of future growth. With this business and our other avenues for growth, we are strongly positioned to capitalize on the heightened popularity and interest in esports.”

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