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Peloton Begins Rolling Out Lanebreak Gaming Mode

On February 17th, Peloton launched its Lanebreak gaming mode for Bike and Bike+ owners. This comes after the game had undergone beta-testing for several months.

Lanebreak provides users with a workout that lasts between ten and 30 minutes. This regiment basically turns Peloton bikes into a musical fitness game as a digital wheel rolls down a virtual track. Lanebreak comes in three modes: beats (where users are met with increased resistance), streams (where users must constantly adjust their pacing), and breakers (where users are tasked with pedaling as fast as possible).

“Peloton Lanebreak is a game-changing workout experience—literally—and one that will have you completely immersed in your cardio, helping you drown out external noise and stress to have some fun while you sweat. Check it out on your Peloton Bike or Bike+,” reads a blog post from the fitness organization.

Lanebreak was first announced back in July of 2021. However, the game just became available for all Peloton owners this month. Lanebreak can be found in the “More Rides” tab on supported Peloton bikes.

The Profit‘s Take:

We are seeing yet another attempt to bring gamification to fitness (or vice versa). If you have seen the latest Oculus Quest 2 ads, they lead with fitness as one of the device’s main selling points. When fitness is brought to gaming, it never lasts very long. Beat Saber and Oculus may have done it better than most because fitness is a great use-case for VR. I even think a lot of people are buying Quests FOR Beat Saber. I know plenty of people that play that game because they think of it as a workout. Still, these types of things always feel like a flash in the pan. Wii Fit, Ring Fit, the list goes on and on when it comes to these underwhelming fitness x gaming devices. There may be longer-term success with Peloton because people get on those bikes EXPECTING to work out. There’s this totally untapped potential for bringing gaming to fitness. I hate going to the gym. It is the most boring user experience EVER. But, if you could go to the gym and make going from machine to machine like a quest, that would catch my eye. It feels like gamifying gym experiences is the bigger opportunity right now rather than integrating exercise into video games.

(All information was provided by Axios, Peloton, and The Verge)

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