Vulpine Esports Announces Schools Initiative

UK esports organization, Vulpine Esports, is launching work experience opportunities and workshops for students in schools. This program, called The Vulpine Academy Initiative, has been set up to give interested participants a chance to get experience in esports event management “in a supportive environment that mirrors Vulpine’s ethos of inclusivity, positivity, and professionalism.”  The Vulpine Academy Initiative is designed to assist schools and colleges across the UK, in order to give students industry experience and knowledge they may not have had the opportunity to be a part of previously.

“Vulpine was set up as a generic esports org originally, but quickly evolved into much more than that,” said Lizzie Squires, Co-Founder of Vulpine and Founder of the Academy. “We find ourselves with more and more people coming to us who are passionate about esports and event management but don’t have any path into the industry, and this is something we’re so pleased we can offer.”

Vulpine can also aid in the arrangement of external guest speakers in schools, and help mentor students through running their own competitions, as well as consultancy services on establishing new esports provisions and arenas.

(All information was provided by Esports News UK)

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