Luminosity Gaming’s Social Media Following Now Exceeds 145M People Globally

The Neilsen Company recently released a custom case study for January of 2022 that showed Luminosity Gaming’s total social media following now exceeds 145 million people, representing a 13% increase from October of 2021. Moreover, Luminosity’s esports team viewership numbers on Twitch rose by 34% to reach 32 million people globally in January.

“Luminosity is now head-and-shoulders above any other professional esports organization when it comes to time watched,” commented Adrian Montgomery, CEO of Enthusiast Gaming. “This massive esports audience, combined with our top-ranked digital media property, makes Enthusiast Gaming the best partner for any major brand trying to connect with Gen Z and Millennials.”

Luminosity Gaming is a professional esports organization based in Toronto, Canada that was founded in 2015. This brand is a subsidiary of another Toronto-based entertainment company, Enthusiast Gaming Holdings, which was established one year before Luminosity.

(All information was provided by European Gaming and Wikipedia [1,2])

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