Ozarks Technical Community College Debuting Esports Program This Spring

Ozarks Technical Community College recently announced it will be launching an esports program this Spring. In order to join the gaming team, students must be enrolled at the school full-time, have a GPA of 2.5, and be able to commit to weekly practice sessions.

At first, the team will be made up of 16 students that will compete in Rocket League and League of Legends. At this time, the school has begun recruiting players and constructing a space for the team to use. Once the facility is completed, it will be available to use for all OTC students.

“Esports is really just competitive video games,” said OTC’s eSports Manager, Tiffany Ford. “Students compete in sometimes teams of five or three. Some games are one versus one. The games are structured usually around some kind of objective. They’re working together as a team communicating to fulfill that objective.”

Ozarks Technical Community College is a two-year public university located in Springfield, Missouri. The school was established in 1990.

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