Built By Gamers Severs Ties With VALORANT Roster

The esports organization Built By Gamers recently announced it was parting ways with its VALORANT roster. The business went on to say it would be returning to the VALORANT scene at some point in the future once it finishes rebuilding its division.

“We are in the process of making significant changes to our core VALORANT roster,” BBG said in a social media post. “We are grateful to the players who gave their all last year. We remain fully committed to the discipline and look forward to putting together a new roster that will help us make great strides within the VCT.”

The last Built By Gamers roster was assembled in October of 2020 with minor changes coming to the lineup over the course of last season. Despite some success, the club’s management team was “dissatisfied with the team’s performance” within the VCT scene. This led to the subsequent changes that were made to the division.

Built By Gamers is an esports and entertainment organization that is based in Mesa, Arizona. The company was founded in 2019.

(All information was provided by EGamersWorld and LinkedIn)

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