QTnet And Juniper Networks Partner To Power Esports Complex In Japan

Juniper Networks, a leader in secure, AI-driven networks, announced that QTnet, a Japanese telecommunication service provider, has chosen Juniper’s wired, wireless, and security solutions to power its Esport Challenger’s Park. As the home stadium of the professional esports team, Sengoku Gaming, QTnet has built a facility where everyone from professional players to the general public can experience the best performance powered by a secure AI-driven network from Juniper.

In the world of esports, where 10 milliseconds of latency can determine the outcome of a match, QTnet recognized the need to build a network for professional players while also considering the connectivity needs of casual gamers and visitors. To fulfill this commitment, QTnet teamed up with Juniper to build a secure AI-driven network that would enable reliable, high-performance, and seamless end-user experiences.

“When we partnered with Juniper Networks, the goal was simple: to build a network that would be an essential component of our Esport Challenger’s Park,” said Masanori Nakano, Corporate Strategy Executive at YOKA Professional Esports Business Group. “Furthermore, for players to perform to their full potential, we required a high-quality network with low latency. By selecting Juniper’s AI-driven solutions, we can significantly reduce operational load while also providing a high-quality user experience for both players and the public. We are excited to leverage Mist AI’s capabilities to enhance end-user experiences and bring esports to the masses.”

(All information was provided by Business Wire)

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