Capcom Wants To Take Street Fighter Full Esports But Faces An Uphill Climb

Capcom’s latest attempt to grow Street Fighter’s esports presence has caused a stir once again. In fact, the response was so swift and overwhelmingly brutal, it’s already being walked back on social media with a commitment to “review the feedback with the wider Capcom team,” which means taking the anger back to Japan.

The latest frontier in that fight came in early March in the form of a new Street Fighter 5 community license agreement. This basically served as the legal framework organizers would need to sign up for in order to run Street Fighter tournaments. While this was only for Street Fighter 5, it’s fair to assume this could be an indicator of where Capcom might go with the esports-logo sporting Street Fighter 6, too.

The agreement splits tournaments into two camps: Community Events and Esports events. These categories would depend on prize money, entrant numbers, and the number of events run each year. There’s also a range of restrictions built into the agreements about how Capcom assets – like the Street Fighter logo – can be used on streams. There’s also a clause that gives Capcom unrestricted rights to use photos, video, and stream footage from official events as much as they like.

It’s important to note that basically any event in North America where prize money changes hands would count as a “community” event and require a license – even if it’s only involving a handful of people, a tiny amount of cash, or a few hundred stream viewers. The rules as presented are strictly for North America; it’d be up to regional arms of Capcom to put forth similar rules in other territories.

The whole thing is now going to be re-examined. We’ll see what the end result of that ends up being. But this is the exact sort of goodwill-sapping mistake that the company must not make once Street Fighter 6 promotion is properly rolling. In the meantime, Street Fighter’s endless back-and-forth between community and esports continues.

(All information was provided by VG247)

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