EA COO Laura Miele Says Problematic Gaming Executives Must Go

Electronic Arts’ COO and Senior Vice President Laura Miele called for the removal of gaming industry executives who have allowed for the existence of toxic workplaces during her DICE 2022 keynote address late last month. She denounced the behavior of those who have turned a blind eye to the mistreatment and harassment of women in the industry while showing how some have benefited from the “destructive behavior.”

While Miele did not mention any people or companies by name, it isn’t too out there to assume she was referring to Bobby Kotick at Activision-Blizzard, currently in the midst of a lawsuit and resignation letters coming in by the dozens.

Miele’s voice adds to a chorus that has been calling for a change in the industry during recent years. Women in the gaming industry have had to go through a lot in order to be respected among their peers in a mostly male-dominated work environment. This issue expands past the industry and into the player base as well where women feel the need to hide their gender while gaming in an attempt to avoid harassment online.

(All information was provided by Game Rant)

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