Belong Gaming Arenas Looking To Open New Location In Plano, Texas

Belong Gaming Arenas is seeking approval from the city to open a new location in Plano, Texas following the Planning and Zoning Commission’s unanimously approved permit for the company to operate in the city. The final hurdle for Belong Gaming Arenas to clear will come from the City Council, which must grant final approval before work can begin. According to city planning documents, the company is seeking to occupy a 5,675-square-foot space located in the shopping center at 3801 W. President George Bush Turnpike, Plano.

“Esports and gaming are a way for people to connect, and Belong brings these communities together and allows them to flourish,” said Martyn Gibbs, CEO of Belong Gaming Arenas. “Dallas has long been considered a hub for North American esports, thanks to organizations like Envy, and we can’t wait to provide a new home for gaming culture in North Texas to continue growing.”

If approved, the Plano center will allow gamers to come together to watch, play, and compete in various video games at the site. Visitors will have the opportunity to play for fun or train like esports professionals, according to the company. The site will feature top-of-the-line gaming computers, equipment, and next-generation consoles, city planning documents stated.

A proposed opening date or construction timeline has not yet been announced.

(All information was provided by Community Impact)

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