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Concerns Arise Regarding Spammers And Pirated Content On Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming was launched as a popular streaming service that could compete with the likes of YouTube Gaming and Twitch. However, recent reports have raised concerns about the legitimacy of the platform and its “users.”

According to CrowdTangle, Facebook’s analytics service, serious questions need to be raised about the current state of Facebook Gaming. Notable celebrities like Neymar Jr. and StoneMountain64 have not been able to crack the website’s list of the top-performing streamers. Instead, the most viewed people on the platform are “a jumble of generically named pages that… behave more like spammers, often posting pirated movie clips or nonsensical videos disguised as live gaming streams.”

“These pages inexplicably rack up millions of views and hundreds of thousands of interactions on streams with ridiculous-sounding titles like ‘car vs. giant bulge’ or ‘this ship is full of passengers.’ And while most streams contained some actual gaming footage, they often began with pirated clips from popular movies or other completely unrelated content,” writes Engadget‘s Karissa Bell. “Despite Facebook’s clear policies on spam and non-gaming content, some of these accounts are still in Facebook’s Level Up or Partner programs, which allows them to sell fan subscriptions and access other monetization features.”

Facebook’s CrowdTangle analytics tool backs up these claims. Of the top ten most popular streams that were broadcast between January 16th and February 15th, nine of the videos used uncommon streaming tactics. This reportedly included editing video game footage together with movie clips, a practice “more indicative of spammers than gamers.” Moreover, several accounts that regularly posted content appeared to violate Facebook’s monetization policies with more than half of them featuring “pirated movie clips or unoriginal non-gaming content.”

Despite these ongoing issues, reports indicate that Facebook Gaming is still performing well. In fact, StreamElements said that this January was the platform’s best month ever as the service reached a new record of 617 million hours of content watch time.

The Profit‘s Take:

This is fake news. I think every platform (Twitch and YouTube included) has a bunch of spam and pirated content. I feel like this was a clickbait-y article that doesn’t tell the whole story. I believe Facebook Gaming is bigger in Asia (where spam and pirated content is much more prevalent) than it is in North America which is why you get these kinds of results and data points.

(All information was provided by Engadget and iTechPost)

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