Russian Esports Federation Calls For Action Against Ukrainian Studio, Maincast

The Russian Esports Federation is attempting to make the case that Russian esports athletes have been treated harshly and unfairly as world sanctions cripple their entire industry. Meanwhile, the organization is calling for action against pro-Ukraine commentators who, they claim, made anti-Russian statements towards the country and its President, Vladimir Putin.

These comments came during a semifinal match between Ukrainian team NAVI and European team G2. Ukrainian studio Maincast, which is said to have hosted the official Russian-language broadcast, was accused by the federation of employing commentators who repeatedly mentioned the Russian invasion of Ukraine, called for “unrest in the Russian Federation,” and directed barbs at Putin.

“We consider such actions unacceptable and degrading to human dignity,” wrote the Russian eSports Federation. “Over the years, we have worked and interacted side by side with Ukrainian colleagues and we believe that many do not share the position of their colleagues from Maincast. We send requests to the relevant departments of the Russian Federation with a call to assess the actions of Ukrainian colleagues and find a technical opportunity to block the accounts of the Maincast studio and associated opinion leaders on social platforms in the Russian Federation. Such behavior in sports and computer sports is unacceptable.”

The federation said it had been concerned by the neglect and destruction of “the fundamental traditions of sports that have been laid down for decades” since the invasion of Ukraine began. The statement added that more than 300,000 viewers had watched the broadcast, including at least 200,000 from Russia.

(All information was provided by RT)

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