Esports Expert Says Industry Needs More Talented Workers

Jason Chung, B.C.L., LL.B. is excited about the myriad opportunities within the field of esports. While speaking at the Sports & Active Nutrition Summit (SANS) in San Diego, Professor Chung told attendees that esports is a growing and dynamic industry with a need for professionals in a variety of different areas. Professor Chung told his audience that esports is the largest sector of the entertainment industry, and that means there are considerable opportunities for marketing – and for money to be made. Esports is already being commercialized in a variety of other ways, including streaming, esports gambling, casino, online gaming, licensing, and tourism. That means jobs and a wide variety of opportunities in diverse fields.

“Esports needs talented workers – not just gamers,” said Professor Chung. “We need workers who understand Gen Z, who understand the importance of authenticity and connection. They need to hire people like the students in my program who understand these markets.”

As part of the discussion, Professor Chung and his fellow panelists spoke on the esports market, as well as stereotypes within the industry. Although many people still may think of gamers as very young people who eat chips and drink soda, Professor Chung says that research suggests otherwise. Gamers tend to be educated, and are increasingly interested in a diet that will support better performance, while more and more competitions feature gamers over the age of 30.

Though an expert on the industry of esports, Professor Chung jokingly referred to his own level of gaming as “atrocious.” It was an important admission, he says, since authenticity is critical in esports, and will go a long way as companies and brands market their product in the esports industry.

(All information was provided by The University of New Haven)

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