Google Hints At Windows Games Running On Stadia In The Near Future

Google appears to have built its own solution for running Windows games on Stadia. Google detailed its Windows “emulator” for Linux this week at the company’s Google for Games Developer Summit on March 15th. The session which detailed “how to write a Windows emulator for Linux from scratch, was led by Marcin Undak, of Google’s Stadia porting platform team and gave a “detailed overview of the technology behind Google’s solution for running unmodified Windows games on Stadia.”

It appears that Google has built its own Windows emulator for Linux to help developers port games to the service without having to modify titles for Linux.

If the emulator runs live on Stadia instead of just testing environments, this could open the door to a lot more games making their way to Stadia in the future. When Google first unveiled Stadia three years ago, the server hardware powering the service all ran on Linux. That meant game developers had to port their games to Stadia. Google partnered with Unreal and Unity and even middleware companies like Havok, but there was still some lifting involved for developers to get games onto Stadia.

It now seems that Google has built a solution to remove that work and allow Windows games to run unmodified. Google mentions an emulator here, but it’s more likely that the company has instead built a compatibility layer capable of running Windows applications without having to directly emulate them and run into performance issues.

(All information was provided by The Verge)

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