Xbox Cloud Gaming To Add Mouse And Keyboard Support

Here’s some good news for classic gamers. Xbox Cloud Gaming is bringing mouse and keyboard support to its platform, which (up until now) had only supported controllers and mobile touchscreens. This news came to light to light during a recent interview with Microsoft Flight Simulator head Jorg Neumann, who didn’t mince words.

“The next step for us is mouse and keyboard… Mouse and keyboard works for our sim. So the platform team is working on this.”

So, it’s not just speculation. This is something currently in development and very much needed. For one, it would allow computer owners to play games like Halo Infinite without buying a gamepad. Instead, they could use the peripherals they already have on hand. Secondly, it would make it easier for Microsoft to bring PC exclusives, like Age of Empires IV, to the service.

While we have no date yet for when these capabilities will be ready to go, Neumann sounded hopeful about June, specifically before clarifying that they “have no specific announcements or timing” to share at this time.

(All information was provided by Eurogamer)

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