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NFTy Arcade Believes Play-To-Earn Gaming Will Become A Lucrative Career Path

NFTy Arcade believes play-to-earn gaming is set to be a lucrative career path for gamers. Play-to-earn gaming allows players to own in-game currencies which can later be sold for real-world rewards. CEO Tyler Jorgenson says that play-to-earn gaming can help underserved communities by offering scholarships while providing them with financial assistance.

“We think this is going to be an appealing narrative in the coming years,” said Jorgensen. “On top of that, we believe this technology—the blockchain, and cryptocurrency, and play-to-earn in general—is going to facilitate a transition of developing countries into the modern world. We believe that this is going to be the way through which developing countries adopt cryptocurrency.”

All of this requires a lot of moving parts, so NFTy Arcade is working on a management software platform to automate that process. “Being a guild, the management is quite intensive,” added Jorgenson. “We have to collect cryptocurrency, we have to pay cryptocurrency across hundreds of accounts, we have to do it in multiple games, we have to manage production across hundreds of accounts. And that process needs to be automated. You need to interact with the blockchain to do that, you’ve got to have an EVM compatible node, and then you’ve got to plug into the blockchain and essentially call a function that will allow you to just transact on the blockchain in general.”

NFTy Arcade, founded in 2021, currently has scholar contracts with over 200 gamers.

(All information was provided by Utah Business)

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