Brazillian Esports Team Alpha7 Accused Of Doping In Official Tournaments

In a recent allegation, the CEO of the Brazilian esports organization Rise Esports (RiseGEiSON), has accused their country rivals (Alpha7) of being involved in doping during official PUBG Mobile tournaments to gain an unfair advantage. He said that he has the necessary evidence to prove these claims, which has caused a disturbance in America’s PUBG Mobile esports scene.

The drug in question is “Venvanse,” or “Vyvanse,” a stimulant used to treat ADHD. The drug is illegal in all esports competitions due to its unfair advantages for the user. Vyvanse increases attention span and awareness and can last up to 14 hours after ingestion. By taking this drug, players can maintain their composure and activity for much longer, gaining an advantage over players in competitions that often require up to five or six hours of continuous gameplay.

According to RiseGEiSON, the matter has already been presented in a court of law since there is considerable evidence supporting the claim and testimonies to the incident. That evidence is still unknown at this time, but more information should come out as the case progresses through the judicial system.

The doping accusations, if true, can be a huge stain on the development of PUBG Mobile esports in the region. Also, when the team accused is Alpha7, it will likely cause a disturbance amongst other top teams due to rising suspicions. It can also cause widespread dissatisfaction with past tournament results, where other teams might demand justice for being pitted against a team with enhanced physical capabilities.

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