Rockstar Games Fans Upset Over GTA+ Announcement

Rockstar Games fans are pretty upset over the newly-announced GTA+ subscription service for GTA Online. The service is exclusively available to those who own the new PS5 and Xbox Series X remaster of GTA Online and gives them access to a bunch of monthly benefits. For $5.99 a month, GTA+ members will get $500k of in-game money and access to new properties, vehicles, and other in-game items. All of these items are available to everyone, GTA+ members just get them at no extra cost.

Nonetheless, a lot of fans are furious over the announcement. Following the announcement of GTA+, fans took to Twitter to express their anger with the new subscription service and its catering to players who don’t want to grind for more expensive items.

Many noted that the game has been a roaring success for years, selling over 160 million copies, and Rockstar is still trying to find ways to make people pay more money. Of course, GTA+ is optional, but there is concern over how it could be used in the future. 

Some players worry that Rockstar will use GTA+ to provide exclusive early access to future updates or gate off content entirely. Rockstar has not done anything to suggest that it will end up doing this, but the developer hasn’t talked too much about the long-term plan for the service yet.

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