Report Says 81% Of Esports Companies Have Security Concerns

A recent report from Verimatrix and Omdia analyzed the state of security in the esports and gaming industry. According to this study, 81% of esports stakeholders report having moderate to major concerns about cheating, hacking, and piracy.

Piracy appears to be the biggest concern in the industry. 55% of those surveyed said they either had moderate or major concerns about games being pirated.

81% of responders indicated they wanted to increase their security arrangements over the next 12 months. However, the report showed that a lack of cybersecurity awareness proved to be a big issue. In fact, 50% said they were unaware of anti-piracy technologies.

The study also showed that 40% of people said they do not use a security service. Meanwhile, 42% said they would want to pay less than $5,000 for these types of offerings.

(All information was provided by Security Magazine)

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