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Fnatic Hosts Members-Only Viewing Party In London After Launching Web3 Program To Lukewarm Reviews

It’s been a couple weeks since Fnatic launched their Web3 membership offering in partnership with The membership program promises fans “an array of money-can’t-buy rewards and features across content, digital and physical products, exclusive events and more,” including player meet-and-greets, Fnatic shop discounts, an annual pro jersey, and a loot box worth at least $100.

Digital membership is available in three tiers: Citizen (unlimited until April 7th 2022), Core ($250) and Pioneer ($600). The latter two will be limited to 2,500 each, and pre-sale for those opens on April 7th.

“It’s no secret that for any brand, especially in esports, community is everything,” said Sam Mathews, CEO at Fnatic. “Fans empower us, and we couldn’t exist without them. Our membership program is designed to bring our community closer to us, as well as our players and creators. This means having their voices heard, influencing where we go next, and providing rewards and features they care about. After collecting feedback, we worked tirelessly to create a future-facing programme of ongoing benefits that are integrated directly into our product, and built for the long term. We want our fans to feel a deep sense of belonging to Fnatic, whilst having direct ownership over their keys. It’s truly theirs to hold onto forever, pass on to a friend or even sell.”

Despite Fnatics pledge to the fans and community, the announcement drew lukewarm responses from those the membership program was hoping to win over and recruit. However, some have expressed interest in it. And it is showing through sign-ups to Fnatic’s free Citizen membership, of which 150,000 keys have been claimed so far.

Fnatic also announced a live watch party in London for their League of Legends LEC playoffs match against G2 on April 9th. The event was only open to 100 Fnatic key holders and took place at their headquarters in Shoreditch, London.

(All information was provided by Esports News UK)

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