Innsbruck, Austria Announces Plans To Become An Esports Hub

Earlier this month, local authorities in Innsbruck, Austria, announced plans to make the city a global esports hub. According to a statement by the city, officials want to stimulate the creation of offline events as well as development studios. This would help the whole region become an entertainment industry destination in the future.

City Councillor Dejan Lukovic was quoted in a press release explaining that more than 5 million people in Austria regularly play digital games and that the local council recognizes the social relevance of the issue. Furthermore, he stated that Innsbruck should strive to become a part of the industries of the future.  

The local council now wants to recognize the industry in a more official capacity, as a potential economic, educational, and tourism driver. Thus, they want to start building a working relationship and a system of partners. They have announced their intentions to organize a roundtable with developers, event organizers, and representatives of the academic sector in Tyrol in the first half of 2022.

“Winter sports are an indispensable part of Tyrol, both in the tourism sector and in top-class sports,” said Christoph Appler, ÖVP Club Chairman. “With this new initiative by the city of Innsbruck, we are laying the foundations for Tyrol to become a globally recognized location in the esports sector. This gives Tyrol and Innsbruck an additional magnet effect for young tourists, for software start-ups, and for the entire gaming community.”

(All information was provided by TheMayor.EU)

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