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Shibnobi Launches Shibnobi Gaming, A Skill-Based Wagering Platform

Shibnobi Inc., an innovative deflationary token aiming to revolutionize Defi, today announced the release of Shibnobi Gaming, a new skill-based wagering platform for esports. The platform, which will be launched this summer as a website and mobile application, allows gamers to place wagers on their favorite video games. Wagers will be made using Shibnobi’s own cryptocurrency, SHINJA, creating a new utility for the token that is the first of its kind in the space. The platform will also host special free tournaments and promotional events.

The platform works by connecting gamers through a matchmaking system or through regularly scheduled tournaments. Prize pools are fueled by entry fees, which are then placed in escrow until the winner of the match is determined. Streaming allows the platform to monitor each match and determine the winner. Trained referees handle a dispute system, ensuring fair play. Once the match is finished, the winnings are distributed to the winner’s wallet.

Shibnobi is also working to launch its own blockchain later this year, which will enable additional features for Shibnobi Gaming, including a play-to-earn marketplace and an NFT avatar system which will allow gamers to explore new ways of earning crypto through gaming, as well as construct new identities online.

(All information was provided by The Kingston Whig-Standard)

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