Activision-Blizzard Reportedly Converting More Than 1,000 Temporary Workers Into Full-Time Employees

Based on a recent report from Bloomberg, Activision-Blizzard will be converting roughly 1,100 temporary/contracted workers into full-time employees. This comes after the organization received heavy criticism for the publisher’s “reliance on part-time employees,” writes Cecilia D’Anastasio and Jason Schreier.

This move is expected to increase the number of full-time Activision-Blizzard workers by 25%. Also, this will reportedly lead to a boost in the minimum salary for those workers to roughly $20 per hour. All these converted workers will now be eligible for full company benefits.

“This change follows a process that began last year across AP and Blizzard of converting temporary and contingent employees, including 500 at AP’s studios, to permanent full-time employees,” reads a statement from Jessica Taylor, Activision-Blizzard’s vice president of corporate communications.

Despite these reforms, Raven QA testers will not be eligible to receive raises according to Bloomberg. This is somewhat surprising since Raven Software workers went on strike several months ago and created a union that is known as the Game Workers Alliance to fight back against Activision-Blizzard’s business practices.

“Due to our legal obligations under the National Labor Relations Act, we are prohibited from making new kinds of compensation changes at Raven at this time,” said Raven Software’s vice president, Brian Raffel, in an email to The Verge.

(All information was provided by Bloomberg and The Verge)

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