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Apple Reportedly Patenting Several Mobile Gaming Accessories

According to a recent report from Patently Apple, Apple is working on numerous dedicated gaming accessories for mobile devices. In fact, the organization recently filed patents that outlined plans for three attachable gaming controllers that can be used with iPhones and iPads.

The first patent, which was filed in the United States, detailed different gaming controllers that could magnetically attach to an iPad or iPhone. This product line will reportedly come equipped with a foldable carrying case. Based on other patents that were filed in Europe, the first accessory will look like other traditional video game controllers and will attach to the top, bottom, or sides of supported iPhones and iPads. It will also come equipped with a D-Pad for easy control maneuverability.

The second patent features a controller that comes with a D-pad, control buttons, and, even, a secondary display. This display could potentially be used to show in-game information or allow users to message one another.

Apple also reportedly filed a patent for an Xbox-like video game controller accessory that “will wirelessly connect to a mobile device.” This peripheral is expected to be outfitted with four control buttons, two analog sticks, a menu button, and a dedicated slider that allows users to easily switch between gaming modes, phone modes, and messaging modes.

Apple is clearly trying to expand its reach in gaming. Because these products are still in the patent phase, it is hard to know when they will be commercially launched worldwide.

The Profit‘s Take:

I feel like the iPad accessory was the most interesting one I saw. If they’re attached securely enough, then that could potentially make iPads into incredibly worthwhile mobile gaming devices in my opinion. There’s no way of knowing the purpose or thought process behind these patent applications. They could just be protecting themselves. Apple has never been about innovating brand new products. They’ve always liked to take something that’s been out for a few years and make it better. They’re never at the bleeding edge of innovation. Samsung did foldable phones. Apple will make foldable phones once the product has been refined and the technology has been brought up to Apple’s standards. These patents fall totally in line with that thinking. Based on design alone, these accessories already seem better than half the products out there right now. This is the Apple playbook to a tee. Apple knows who it is and who its audience is. These designs point to more casual games and the easier use of casual games. You pair that with Apple Arcade, and you have a hit. I can see a world where you buy these controllers for $100, and you get a month free of Apple Arcade. These types of ecosystem integrations make me believe Apple will be massively successful with this because they have a good product tied to good software which will lead to a good user experience. I have a funny feeling that all the other peripheral manufacturers should be worried if Apple goes down this path because their products will undoubtedly be better than what’s already out there. There is massive potential for Apple to become the third-biggest gaming company on the planet (behind Microsoft and Sony).

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