ESL Gaming Expands Nielsen Partnership

ESL Gaming recently announced it had expanded its partnership with the world-famous data company Nielsen. This signifies an extension of the initial agreement made between both parties back in 2019.

This expansion will allow Nielsen to cover more events annually. This will include the ESL Pro Tour in CS:GO, ESL Gaming’s Dota 2 properties, and its entire mobile esports ecosystem.

“Nielsen is a true market leader when it comes to sports research. The long-standing partnership has already provided our business partners with many in-depth insights into and a great deal of standardized reliable data about esports communities, brand activations, and measurable ROI,” said Tobias Vogt, the Director of Commercial Operations for ESL Gaming. “By expanding this collaboration and including more events, we keep innovating our ecosystems and the wider industry, and we are very excited to continue sharing our extensive knowledge with our existing and future partners.”

The Nielsen and ESL Gaming collaborations will have four areas of focus: media and sponsor valuation; community and fan analytics; esports viewership measurement; and mobile gaming and esports. The last area of focus will highlight ESL’s recently launched Snapdragon Pro Series

(All information was provided by Esports Insider)

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