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FootEarn Announces A Strategic Partnership With Polygon

FootEarn, one of the first online 3D esports soccer/football games to apply blockchain and NFT technology, has officially announced a strategic partnership with Polygon and Polygon Studios. FootEarn is the product of Mata, a game studio with extensive experience in the field of game production from Vietnam.

FootEarn is a true free-to-play game where players do not need to pay any mandatory initial fee. Each player will be given a free team to experience the game. For an enhanced experience, players can choose to upgrade their team by opening NFT Boxes to receive new players or upgrade the players’ stats.

FootEarn has also released its Testnet version, so that players can experience in-game features such as opening boxes, exchanging players, buying, selling, and using NFTs. This is an important step in FootEarn’s roadmap to complete and launch the full version in the fourth quarter of 2022.

(All information was provided by GlobeNewswire)

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