Behaviour Interactive Partners With Next-Generation Cities Institute

Behaviour Interactive, Canada’s largest independent video game studio, has recently partnered with Concordia’s Next-Generation Cities Institute (NGCI). The three-year, $120,000 deal will support the institute’s essential research on smart, sustainable, and resilient cities and communities. Funding provided by Behaviour will go directly towards supporting the institute’s Future Cities Playground, a gamified urban simulation platform.

The playground is an engaging, interactive 3D platform that will allow stakeholders at all levels to model the urban built environment, energy, waste, and transport initiatives, while also creating alternative scenarios.

“When we first learned of the Next-Generation Cities Institute, it was obvious that Behaviour had to be a part of it,” says Marie-Eve Boisvert, Vice President of Communications for Behaviour Interactive. “Behaviour is a strong believer in the power of video games to bridge communities and the ability of video-game technology to bring change outside the gaming sphere. Beyond our financial assistance to the institute, we hope to contribute our technical talents and know-how to assist the NGCI’s work whenever and wherever we can. Behaviour harnesses some impressive brainpower on the daily and we can share it for the collective good.”

The aim is to develop a better understanding of how decisions are interlinked and how different design, material, and technology choices can affect carbon output significantly.

A first prototype is being developed with funding from Behaviour using the C40 Reinventing Cities competition site in the South-West borough as its test case. The prototype will allow users to examine the carbon impact of decisions related to cooling/heating, solar energy, building materials, and windows.

(All information was provided by Concordia University)

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