Moving iMage Technologies And SNDBX Announce Strategic Partnership

Moving iMage Technologies, a leading digital cinema technology company, and SNDBX, a leading promoter/manager of amateur gaming and esports leagues hosted in cinema auditoriums, recently announced a strategic partnership to bring the full theater experience to the gaming and esports market.

“Our exclusive partnership with SNDBX allows MiT to expand its market opportunity into esports and competitive, amateur gaming leagues,” said Frank Tees, Vice President of technical sales support at MiT. “Our custom-made, integrated mobile cart is the only product available of this nature and will allow SNDBX to quickly deploy competitive esports technology in support of its cinema strategy. By offering theater operators the opportunity to monetize their excess auditorium capacity and increase concession sales, SNDBX is providing a win-win value proposition.”

MiT will serve as the official technology systems integrator for SNDBX, creating custom-made portable gaming carts that integrate PCs or gaming consoles, accessories, IP switches, and other proprietary MiT technologies that can be moved between auditoriums within a cinema.

Additionally, MiT and SNDBX will cooperate on business development initiatives surrounding the introduction of esports and competitive amateur gaming to the local cinema experience, allowing theater operators to utilize excess capacity and expand concession sales profitably.

(All information was provided by Yahoo! Finance)

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