A First Look At Rainmaker Games’ First Blockchain Gaming Discovery Platform

Rainmaker Games has launched the first discovery platform for blockchain games. The company’s beta platform includes over 150 blockchain titles, expert reviews, technical details, earning potential statistics, video content, and more.

Powered by their proprietary game data, the Rainmaker search engine allows gamers to find titles based on such categories as top-rated, most popular, free-to-play, highest yield, blockchain protocol, and so on.

“With our Beta launch, Rainmaker is now the premiere discovery platform for gamers to access information about all the best blockchains games,” said Will Deane, the Co-Founder of Rainmaker Games. “We believe the game discoverability through great UX that we are bringing to the ecosystem is the key to bringing P2E games to the mainstream gaming community.”

Community-driven, user-generated content is also essential to the platform, allowing users to review games, chat with other players, and build communities around their favorite titles on message boards. Social network activity from Twitch, Reddit, and Twitter is also integrated directly into game information pages, providing a context for what’s going on across the larger web communities. The data provided by Rainmaker’s Discovery Platform can also help gamers rest assured that these games are legitimate and community-approved when listed on Rainmaker.

New games will be added to the platform’s database weekly, with new features set to launch regularly like game guides, and even a reward system to enhance user experiences.

(All information was provided by Yahoo! Finance)

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