Could Esports Make Its Way Into The 2032 Olympics?

Good news for the world’s top gamers. Esports is under serious consideration to become a medal event in the Brisbane Olympics in 2032. This is not the first time this has been discussed; just last month French President Emmanuel Macron expressed his desire to make esports a part of the 2024 Olympics in Paris:

“We have, in this regard, a historic opportunity: that of the 2024 Olympic Games,” said Macron. “It is up to us to take advantage of it to make the link between the Olympiads of the two worlds by hosting the biggest sporting events in the world that year: a [CS:GO Major], the Worlds of League of Legends, and The International of Dota 2. If the French trust me, we will work on it as soon as I am elected. This is also the influence of France.”

International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach appears to have warmed up to the idea, as he is looking to stage a festival of virtual sports and gaming to take place in Singapore next year. The event would be the IOC’s attempt at testing the waters on popularity and global reach for esports and a future partnership with the Olympic Games.

Bach was in Singapore for a one-day visit to meet with the Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC) on April 28th to discuss a potential festival.

“We would be very pleased to have the inaugural Olympic Virtual Sports Festival here in Singapore,” said Bach at a luncheon with the SNOC. “In this fast-developing world, you either change or be changed. Singapore is one of the most dynamic countries in Asia and the world. You’re never getting complacent, never standing still. This is something that the IOC wants to follow. Singapore is also driving the change with regards to esports and virtual sports. The IOC is very much impressed with this progress.”

(All information was provided by The Korea Herald, Dot Esports, and Yahoo! News)

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