Partnership Expanded Between SCUF Gaming, OpTic, And Envy

SCUF Gaming recently announced it had expanded its partnership with both OpTic Gaming and Envy Gaming. According to a press release, this undisclosed deal is valued at six figures.

As part of this expansion, SCUF’s logos will now be displayed on OpTic Halo, OpTic Texas, and Envy Gaming’s Rocket League team jerseys. Additionally, SCUF Gaming has been named the official controller partner of OpTic Texas, OpTic Gaming, and Envy Gaming. On top of that, SCUF will be given the first right of refusal for any controller-based esports teams that may be added in the future.

“As a foundational partner for both the OpTic and Envy brands, we’re excited to see this long-standing relationship flourish and evolve,” said Diego Nunez, the VP of Marketing at SCUF’s parent company, Corsair Gaming. “Witnessing the growth of these brands over the years has been thrilling, and we can’t wait to continue this journey together, working side by side to provide gamers access to the best professional gaming equipment on the market.”

In the same announcement, it was revealed that Elgato, another Corsair brand, would serve as an organizational sponsor. As a result, OpTic Gaming and Envy Gaming content creators will be given access to a variety of products.

SCUF and Elgato will work together to create various products, campaigns, and live events. This includes the new OpTic Gaming controller.

(All information was provided by Esports Insider)

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