Introducing Reign Of Terror, A New NFT Game

Reign of Terror is the newest NFT game, created and made by a group of directors, designers, and artists who left the shackles of big game publishing houses for greener pastures.

The team behind the game describes it as “a unique cyberpunk play-to-earn blockchain game on Solana developed by Red Door Digital that weaves DeFi staking mechanics and NFTs into every facet of the game including agents who run missions in a squad, crafting (blueprints and manufacturing), lands and more. Wage war in high stakes gameplay: NFTs can be stolen, ransomed, or burned.”

“Set in a dark and dystopian alternate earth, Reign of Terror takes place in an extremely stratified society where equality is an unknown concept, and the strong prey on the weak,” reads the description from their website. “The environment is sacrificed for the sake of profit, and while those on top reap the benefits, those below receive no social support, creating a survival of the fittest society within vertical cities on a near ruined planet.”

The first NFT Genesis PFP Drop is launching at the end of May, with a supply of 7000 and whitelist price is 0.5 sol. Reign of Terror has partnered with many blue-chip projects to give away whitelist such as Degen Ape Academy, Solana Monkey Business, Pesky Penguins, Sovana DAO, Neo Tokyo, and more.

The NFT can be used to stake on the minigames to earn components that can combine into different weapon mystery crates. Crates and components can be traded on the secondary marketplace, and crates will reveal with the game launch.

(All information was provided by Bitcoinist, Reign of Terror, and Red Door Digital)

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