Taiwan Looks To Promote Esports Health Through A New Invention

The Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) of Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs (MoEA), has partnered with the central government to increase awareness for the physical wellbeing of pro esports stars and amateur gamers alike.

Taiwan is promoting the somatosensory interactive product, SmartBoard, invented by SmartMotion, which uses motion-sensing technology to analyze the user’s muscle endurance, control, and balance. SmartBoard, which works by stepping on it like a scale, functions as a game as well.

There is a tablet installed in front of the SmartBoard that features a variety of different somatosensory games, each specifically tailored to the person standing on the “scale.” Games on the tablet are designed for young, middle-aged, and even the elderly, who can play “brain games” to reduce their risk of dementia.

SmartBoard also supplies an analysis of calorie consumption and body coordination after each session, and visible results charts designed to encourage people to develop long-term exercise habits.

SmartMotion is currently working on the “at home version” of the SmartBoard, although they have not yet revealed a potential launch date or reveal for it.

(All information was provided by Healthcare Dive)

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